technical outerwear for your commute.

a 100%
one piece shell.

get where you're going without getting wet.

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stay dry on your commute.

Every year, more and more people are walking or cycling to work. But unfortunately, that number drops in the winter months, sometimes up to 70%. 

But what if we took weather out of the equation? What if we could take hundreds of thousands of cars off the road? 

This 100% waterproof jumpsuit keeps you dry and warm wherever you’re going. Just throw it over your clothes and zip it off when you get there.

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what is it?

A 100% waterproof one piece shell.


High quality three layer waterproof fabric.


Breathable fabric means you stay dry inside and out.


Keeps the wind out.

taped seams

Seams are taped for extra rain protection.

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feel free.

free to do what you want in the rain.

Get out and go for a hike, ride to work, walk the dog, go to to the beach. Whatever you do, don’t let a little rain stop you. What if the weather really didn’t matter and you had the freedom to go wherever you wanted without having to get in the car. Our goal is to help people stay active in the rainy months with one simple piece of waterproof clothing. Save money on umbrellas, transit passes, car insurance, gas, parking and gym fees.

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taking cars off the road 
by taking weather 
out of the equation.

reducing co2 emissions by commuting by bike or foot.

In the rainy months, people tend to stop walking or riding to work. A Ryerson University study found that only 27% of continued through the winter. We want to change that. If people could stay comfortable and dry on their way to work, they might not be as inclined to just get in the car or take the bus when it’s raining.